Friday, January 6, 2012


Chalk up another successful NooN Year's Celebration to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
Man I love that place.

I dragged Mr. Handsome & his little Man out with us this year to ring in the New Year at Noon with a countdown and confetti drop and (horror of horrors) about a thousand noise makers. My god. Who in their right mind orders noisemakers for that many children? Someone evil. That's who. Those things "accidentally" got lost in my purse later that afternoon...

We let the collective progeny play to their hearts' content all afternoon, hoping to have some exhausted kids on our hands by dinner time.

 Yeah. notsomuch. Those wild things ended up staying up well past midnight. 

I was fighting back yawns before they were, what with the all-out Nerf Gun Wars, table full of snackage, and various piles of toys and Legos we went through over the course of the evening.

Not to mention the wicked little Jet Packs we cobbled together for them to race around the house in...
But I can think of no one better to ring in the New Year with.

Here's to 2012, gang. 
Wishing you all a little corner of peace to call your own this year.

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