Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So many WIPs, So little time...

I has 'em.

You know...I actually thought ahead this year.
I did. Not that it shows...
I've been marching along on gifts for a few weeks now.

I've got Pajamas in the works for all three Munchkins (and myself if I can get them done in time. because how awesomely ridiculous would that be? Matching Stripey Christmas jammies for everyone? yes. please.)

I've got two quilts and one baby blanket in the works.

I've got a slew of baby gifts in the works (three right now...more to come) That need to be finished by December 3rd.

I have three dolls (one for each Munchkin) prepped & ready to stitch together.

I also have the Oliver+S LTTS Puppet Theatre ... well.. the fabric is cut but it isn't stitched just yet.

If you're just picturing piles and piles of fabric scattered about the house, on top of bookshelves and side tables and couch arms and kitchen tables? You'd pretty much be spot on.  We're a hot mess at my house. And Wednesday has been designated as No-one-is-leaving-the-house-until-it's-spotless day...so that should make the children love me I'm sure...

You know what would be awesome?
Three straight days, uninterrupted, to sew.
Can you imagine how much I'd get done with all that time...and an endless supply of coffee?
It would be stellar. Truly.


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