Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Go Forth and Label!

So we’re a peanut-free household here at the ranch… Have been since the first day Mr. Man swelled up. And no one bemoans the fact very often any more. It’s just the way things are.

But The Munchkins are away from home more often than not between school, afterschool activities, and here in just a few weeks’ time…summer camp.
  Now I’m not what you might call an overprotective parent, but when I get the “your son may have accidentally eaten a peanut butter granola bar…” calls (and they do come every so often) I want to wrap the kid in a bubble. It’s a little terrifying. So anything that can set my mind at ease, even just a little, is a welcome thing.

Enter kidecals stage left.

The fine folks over at kidecals.com approached me to give the product a whirl a day after The Monkey came home in tears having had to miss out on a friends birthday treat because…you guessed it…peanuts. I hopped right on their website and ordered up a batch of “No Peanuts!” Allergy alert stickers.

The Munchkins normally aren’t fond of anything that makes them stick out too far in a crowd, so they’ve never been terribly excited about allergy alert bracelets and the like, but stickers? 

What kid doesn’t like stickers?!?

A Medium sized order netted me 12 Medium Size decals and 24 small decals, perfect for lunch boxes, bookbags, sandwhich containers, overnight bags, anywhere The Munchkins might roam without me.

So far the decals have survived hand washing and a trip through the dishwasher with no visible wear & tear and no peeling off! Ditto the actual washer when one decal got left on a shirt. These things really do stick!  And, with summer camp quickly approaching, I can’t think of a better time to pre-label…well…everything.

The site has such a gorgeous array of all kinds of decals – you can slap your kiddos’ name and design of choice on a variety of decal shapes and sizes.  Their labels stick to any surface – including clothing – and are waterproof, dishwasher and washing machine safe. Woah. They also offer custom labels for birthdays, weddings or other special events; as well as hand-painted kids wall decals for the insta-mural effect.

And the best part? Are you ready? FREE SHIPPING.
No lie. They offer free shipping on every order! Win!

The decals arrived within a week of order in some pretty darn adorable packaging, and we’ve already run through almost the entire sheet of decals!  I’m pretty jazzed about those sweet little chalkboard style decals they offer as well…I might just have to place an order for myself here again soon!


If you're considering the folks over at kidecals came through with a pretty clutch offer and are giving you lovelies 15% off your next order just for being here. All you have to do is punch in the code: blinkblog at checkout to receive your discount.

You can also find them online over here  as well as facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, pinterest!

Now, go forth, and label!

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