Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Instead of striving for happiness I will try to be grateful. I will make time to make art. I will walk slowly. I will stride I will read. I will try to learn what my fear is so desperately trying to teach me. I will make stress my friend, instead of just the crazy friend that has been living on my couch the past few years. I will travel, even if it is just outside the boundaries I have made for myself. I will endeavor to appreciate all that I have without adding the "but wouldn't it be great if..." caveat to everything I do. I will strive to remember that I am enough. I will be great. I will wake up early and breathe deeply. I will run...far and fast and for the pure joy of it. I will play more. I will make less rules, but follow those that I have put in place. I will take fewer pictures, but make the ones I do take, count. I will be open to the possibility of love.

And...because I can...here's 2013 in (picture) review









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