Friday, November 18, 2011

A Culture of Gratitude. Days 12 through 18. Oops.

Today is November 18th
There are 6 days until Thanksgiving.
I obviously suck at this.

I'm grateful for so many things...I just wish time to blog was one of them. (Them's the jokes people, take 'em or leave 'em.)

Here's a quick round up of the days I've skipped/missed/forgotten to type up this week.
Bon Appetite!

Day 11 
Today is Friday, November 11th
There are 13 days until Thanksgiving

Today I am grateful for Clorox Bleach products.
I am grateful for plastic trash bags.
I am grateful for stain-resistant carpets.
I am grateful for small, sleeping, feverish Munchkins curled in my lap.
I am grateful for the stuffy nose I've just developed...mostly so I can't smell the puke.

Day 12
Today is Saturday, November 12th.
There are 12 days until ThanksgivingToday I am grateful for do-overs.
I am grateful for old friends who have reappeared on the horizon.
I'm grateful for porches and delivery pizza and the fact that it's finally eggnog season.

Day 13
Today is Sunday, November 13th.
There are 11 days until Thanksgiving
Today I am grateful for my mother...who knowingly entered the 'Sick Zone' to bring us milk...and other assorted essentials when we were all too housebound to go get them.
Because, let's face it. The absolute LAST thing you want to do with pukey kids is pile them all into the car so they can whine and moan and complain of not feeling well at the grocery store (where other people will overhear them and glare at you as if you're a bad parent for infecting the Greater Indianapolis Area)

Day 14
Today is Monday, November 14th.
There are 10 days until Thanksgiving
Today I am grateful for ice cream.
And everything that went with it.

Day 15
Today is Tuesday, November 15th.
There are 9 days until Thanksgiving
Today I am grateful that my place of employment has dedicated a corner of space to a workout facility, because my pants are feeling a bit...snug these days. Which means a return to the daily Lunch Hour Workout. Huzzah.

Day 16
Today is Wednesday, November 16th. 
There are 8 days until Thanksgiving.
Today I am grateful for The Girls.
Stephanie, your strength and your smile and your sense of acceptance inspires me.
Karrie, your loyalty and dedication to others humbles me.
Jill, your ability to love openly and without reserve encourages me.
I do not know what I would do without you guys.
I would not be the person I am today without your presence in my lives these past 28 years (Yes, for those of you playing along that would be preschool). I love you guys.

Day 17
Today is Thursday, November 17th.
There are 7 days until Thanksgiving.
Today I am grateful for the amazing support network of educators and caregivers in the lives of The Munchkins. I am able to go about my day, confident and secure that the people my children spend the bulk of their day with are loving, caring, intelligent people. They are, in effect, a second (or third? or fourth? I've lost count) family. I trust these people not just with my life, but with the lives of my children. I trust them with their fragile egos, their giant sponge-like brains, their open hearts, their compassionate souls. And each year I am more and more grateful that they not only maintain them, but feed them. They not only teach numbers and letters, but compassion and dignity.

Day 18Today is Friday, November 18th
There are 6 days until Thanksgiving
T.G.I.F kids. Seriously.
It's been a long week.
Today I am grateful for the frozen pizza we're going to have for dinner and the movies we're going to plop on the floor and watch tonight. Fridays have always been pizza and a movie nights...for as long as I can remember. I let The Munchins eat in the living room and we put on our jammies and bring down blankets and pillows and just veg all evening. This is considerably more fun (in my opinion, anyway) when it's sub-freezing temperatures outside. The thought that I get to put on my ugly sweats as soon as I hit the door tonight is preeeettttty much the only thing getting me through my day today.

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  1. Pizza and sweats and a movie night totally sounds like my type of night! Why didn't my family hear about Friday being pizza and movie night growing up?
    Thanks for commenting on my little blog. I love your gratitude countdown. How fun! (except for the part about the puking kids-- SO not fun)
    Let me know if you make "the dapper onesie." I love to see pictures of other people's creations.


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