Thursday, June 23, 2011

woodgrain bike

My Newest Obsession:

Isn't it gorgeous?

I want one with an intensity as yet unrivaled in my hunt for the perfect bike.
I can just see myself tooling around town in it, in some Sartorialist-Worthy little get up. Right? (it's okay. I chuckled too)

And the story behind these bikes?
Even better.

New Zealander Rob Pollock, of RobsWoodgrainBikes, turned to custom woodgraining bicycles after a lifetime of painting custom car interiors. His accent in the video is just killer. And I love watching the faux-woodgraining process. Each bicycle for sale is hand painted. Go. Watch the video. I'll wait.

See? Fantastic.

I'm adding it to the When-I-Win-The-Lottery list.
Because with a price of $3,000 (or $1,500 for just the frame and handlebars) it's still just a titch out of my price range. More's the pity.

Photos of this beauty were flying around Pinterest for a while, and I finally traced it back to the etsy shop where they're  available for purchase.
*le sigh*

1 comment:

  1. Dude! That bike is awesome. We just bought another bike but it's totally not as cool as this one.


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