Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tater-Tot Playlist

An open letter to the music staff at Daily Candy:
Thank you.
Because Radio Disney and the Justin Beiberpalooza 24/7 has made me grind my teeth to the point where i have staggering headaches. And because I'm starting to fear that the stubborn streak in my daughter extends to automatically disliking any music that I queue up...but these tunes seem to have gained her general nod of approval. Not only do you offer me crazy tips and shopping spurs, but now you offer me kidstuff like crazy cool toys & gifts and download-me playlists. I thank my lucky stars I found you.
Rock On, IttyBitties. Rock. On.
The one staunching the bleeding in her ears.

Thao and the Get Down - "Bag of Hammers"

sounds like... Feist

The Devil Makes Three - "The Plank"
sounds like...an early, cleaner Tom Waits

Kimya Dawson - "I Like Giants"
sounds like...Ani DiFranco, They Might Be Giants, and the entire movie 'Juno'

The Apples in Stereo - "Energy"
sounds like...John Lennon, Pavement, The Kinks
[see also "Dance Floor" feat: Elijah Wood. Pretty cute]

Vampire Weekend - "Holiday"
sounds like...The Clash, Paul Simon, The Police
*caveat - I already KNEW my kids adored Vampire Weekend. We've been having living room dance parties to their stuff for years.

The Dino 5 - " I May Be Big and Scary (but I Am Really Pretty Nice)"
sounds like...Prince Paul, Digable Planets
*One of the few on this list that's actually a kids-music-band; I wouldn't mind if this hip-hop supergroup got stuck on repeat for a few times.

Flobots - "Handlebars"
If you like: The Roots, Eminem
*caveat - I'm not actually sure anyone but Mr. Man would actually like this...but it balances out the playlist nicely. It can't all be sunshine & puppies, kids.

Passion Pit - "Sleepyhead"
sounds like...The Flaming Lips-ish. It's kid-friendly electronic indie-pop.

Zee Avi - "Bitter Heart"
sounds like...
Brett Dennen, Jack Johnson
Caveat: we've had this one for a while too...but only because it was a freebie from Starbucks at one point. See? Big Corporate Coffee is good for something because my caffeine fix. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Daniel Martin Moore - "The Hour of Sleep"
sounds like...Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley lite
*I wouldn't mind falling asleep to this myself...

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