Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Handmade Phone Case (prototype)

Normally, I don't do prototypes. I don't do muslins. I launch headfirst into a project and rarely look back.
But this time? I'm SOO glad I did a prototype/practice piece.

After a noticing a new score of scratches, dents, dings and tiny greasy handprints all over my phone, I'd decided the following:
1) I'm so glad I got the protective case & screen cover!
2) I still needed something else to protect my poor phone...
Frankly, I'm not all that pleased with what I've seen out on the market. Tacky Crap. Seriously. So...I played around with some fabric, some batting, some interfacing, and some of my scrap stash to create my own... And, judging by the amount of time I spent tearing out stitching, redesigning layout and perfecting pocket placement? I think I've finally found a working pattern of my very own.

These? Oh. They're the best of the worst... it's the closest I got to creating what I wanted...while still screwing several things up. It's okay. It's how you learn. In the not-too-distant future I'll have to post up pictures of my completed case.

The front of the case

The back of the case. Brilliant, no?

In this, final draft version, I used some lightweight felt as an interfacing to add some sturdiness and additional padding to the case. The exterior is just some random muslin I had on hand and the interior lining is the same fabric as the pockets & velcro closure. The exterior pocket on the back of the case is perfect for holding credit cards, cash, ID, etc. The front pocket also has a tiny bit of velcro across the opening and is snug enough to hold a house key. 

Now that I've finally figured out the what and the how...I'm gonna make one for myself this weekend! woot! Better pictures to come with the final product. Promise.

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