Monday, June 6, 2011

Camp Log: Day One

Summer Camp Log :: Day 1
Drop off Day

Last Night we laid out shorts and Tshirts and socks and tiny cartooned undies in little clothing people on the floors of their rooms. Like the red dust came and swept them away.

We put pool towels and bathing suits in backpacks, and I put water bottles in the freezer. We labeled EVERY freaking thing they could find with black sharpie. Monkey even brought me a few random toys and tags to label with her name just so she didn't feel left out.

Today was the first day of Summer Camp. And, despite our pre-first-day-prepwork, we were late.


Isabelle quite literally bounded out the car door this morning, eager to see which of her friends returned to camp this year. Mr. Man, though, looked like he swallowed something sour. He looked up at me and we made eye contact in the rear view mirror for a second as he started to open his car door. It was like a kick in the gut, the flash of stark fear I saw there for a split second.

"Mom?" he asks
"Yeah, sweets?"

"It's gonna be a good day, don't worry." And then he smiled and hopped out of the car.

Like I'M the one freaking out? Okay. Yeah. Maybe.
I feel like we've hit so many "firsts" this year with that guy. And despite the crazy attitude and angry outbursts from time to time; He's maturing into someone that, even at five years old, keeps one eye trained on his sisters at all times, stands up for them fiercely to the neighborhood kids, and reassures ME when he's worried about something.

Now, don't be fooled, there are times I very literally quake in terror at the thought of The Munchkins as teenagers; Little Adults. But this side of him? The protective side? It makes me look forward to meeting an adult version of this little man...

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