Monday, March 7, 2011



I don't usually go into matters of religion here.

And frankly, I don't know why. It's a big part of who I am, whether I discuss it openly or not.

I am Catholic.

And, it is Lent (well, it will be. Wednesday).

That's kiiiiind of a big deal in the Catholic church, the prep-season for the cornerstone of our religion and all...readying ourselves for the resurrection... maybe you've heard of it? Or maybe you've seen friends, coworkers, total strangers wandering about a few Wednesdays before Easter with a big black smudge on their forehead that vaguely resembles the sign of the cross? Over heard them talking about giving up chocolate and/or the after-dinner-beer for the next few weeks? All part and parcel.

And so, in this year's Lenten season, I've decided to work on The Temple. Inside and Out. To prepare myself not only physically for Easter (a sister's gotta lose a few pounds in order to eat Reese's Eggs and Palmers Bunnies for three meals a day guilt-free), but also spiritually, to make myself an open and welcome place for Christ to dwell not just this time of year, but year round. 

I'm reconfirming my dedication to the daily workout. And to the weekly Mass services. I've been a rather lapsed Catholic the past year or so.

I was fairly hard core in my faith a few years ago, turning to church and mass and mid-day services a few blocks from work when the marriage fell apart (i.e. when I needed Him the most). And, sadly, when things started to calm down in many areas of my life; and sanity levels returned to their normal, operable levels; my active faithlife dwindled as well.  Shouldn't it have been the opposite? Shouldn't I have redoubled my efforts to give thanks for all that I had?  All I can really say is...Oops.

Do Over?

Sure. I've got an endless tab on the Do Over column. At least in my faith life. When I truly mean it. It's kind of one of the great things about Catholicism...that whole forgiveness aspect of faith. I mean've got the inherent guilt but how else would you balance out that absolute forgiveness when one asks for it??

So Do Over it is.  I have not done all that I can in matters of faith this past year. I have not attended church regularly. I have all but abandoned my sacramental life. And, most importantly of all, I have been lax in my instruction of faith to The Munchkins. THAT, more than anything, makes me sad when I reflect upon it.  In the spinning plate game of parent-hood? I let a biggie drop. 

But I'm working on it... I'm re-dedicating myself... updates as they arrive, folks.

Ever yours,

A Work in Progress.

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