Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life...

I have a family that has remained close-knit despite the states, and sometimes countries, that have separated us. We may not have Fourth of July Parades or Bike races around the cul-de-sac or secret club meetings in the Tack Room any more, but the Christmas Program and the Martin Family Times live on in infamy [he's more than famous... he's INfamous...lookuphere!lookuphere!up!up!high!high!].
I could come to them with anything without reservation. And frequently do... They make my heart smile. They make my whole body hurt from laughing so hard when we get together. They bring horrible beer so that I can win the Annual Birthday Beer Tasting Competition [tie? what?! Thanks for bringing the two-hearted ale, Kelly! hahaha]. They remain at my side, no matter matter who.. no matter when... and I would do the same for them without question. Family First. Always.

I have an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins that has gotten closer in recent times thanks to social networking and picture sharing. We no longer run rings around the Thanksgiving table after being excused, or chase each other with croquet mallets in the backyard in Springfield...but we've birthed an entire new generation about ready to do it for us...while we sit back and watch with bemused smiles on our faces. I get such a joy out of seeing pictures of everyone's vacations, kids, projects, hobbies, new families online. It makes the miles between families not seem so insurmountable sometimes.

I have an extended, extended family of ex-laws that, at times I have lost touch with, but with whom I share a special connection through The Munchkins (and sometimes through lunch and through crafting!) without whom, at times, I would be completely at a loss. They are my family, too. And always will be. Regardless of paperwork, because those bonds were forged in love and mutual respect. And I've never been one to think that family is only made up of those people you are related to, but also of those you hold dear to your heart. And I do. They help form that ever-necessary support network in my daily life. The saying "it takes a village to raise a child"? That applies here too. In spades. And The Munchkins (& I) are so fortunate to have them in our lives.

I have a network of friends and superfriends and bestfriends that serve as a giant landing cushion of support, for those times when I decide to leap first and ask questions later. They are my rocks and my hard places. They are the pillars I hide behind and arms that enfold me when the world gets to be too much. They, with a nod, a smile, a word, a caress, get me. And I could ask for no better family than this, the one that I actually get to choose for myself. It includes people that I've known since the age of four, all the way up to people who I've known for a few months; but I can't imagine my life without them.

I'm feeling a titch sentimental today, and I have the non-committed minutes with which to explore it, and so I have.

I am better for having all of you in my life.
And so are The Munchkins.
The End.

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