Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can we go HERE?

have i mentioned lately how much I really need a vacation from my everyday life?

It seems like EVERYONE is taking vacations lately... to fabulous do you do it?
I ache for a week off of my responsibilites some times.
And it's not that I don't adore The Munchkins, and love being with them every day, because I DO. But sometimes, even on my kid-free weekends, I'm so busy catching up on laundry and sewing and cleaning and grocery shopping  and errand-running, that I don't make time to just relax. That's why vacations are so delicious...they're forced relaxation. When I'm home, even if I indulge in a nap, or an overnight, or the occasional breakfast sandwich, I have guilt because I know that there are a million other things I ought to be doing.
If I'm lounging poolside, or in a hammock on the beach, there's no way I could possibly skipping out on daily duties...they aren't even in the same time zone.
You follow?

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