Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life...

A Day in the Life...
Here's a bit of entertainment for you.
I've got Friday off (Yes. Again. Long live the unpaid Furlough Friday!)
I've currently got several lists going.
It's what I do.

List 1 looks something like this:

chicken breasts
ground beef (x3)
lasagna noodles
ricotta cheese
tomato soup
trash bags
cherry coke (?)*
*I put that question mark in parentheses like I'm debating the purchase... I'm not. Not really. I'll definitely be getting that.
** Clorox Wipes is in all caps because it is the worlds most perfect cleaning tool. Ever.
JoAnne Fabrics
Khaki for jumpers
Blue twill? Seersucker (for boys jacket/Easter jacket)
Bias Tape (because I'm lazy)
Exacto Knife Blades
Cotton Quilting
Lghtwght/Chiffon/misc. for circle skirts
Check Remnants!!!! (for pillowcoverings)

List 2 looks something like this: 
Isabelle's birthday gift idea list...
Uniform jumper
blue tights
white tights
black tights
red tights
Justin Bieber CD
Spring/Summer Tees - applique? fabric paint?
Circle Skirts (x2?)

List 3 is entertaining and optimistic...

To Do:
1. Clean House
2. Laundry Load 1
3. Laundry Load 2
4. Grocery
5. JoAnne Fabrics
6. Library - Return Movies
7. Pattern Prep for Circle Skirts & Sweater Vest redux. projects (for tonight/this weekend)

List 4 is awesome. 
I like to plan out my days off...
(ALSO hiiiighly optimistic)
8:00am - Munchkin Drop off
8:30am - Meijers/Groceries
9:00am - JoAnne Fabrics
10:00am - Clean House. Start Laundry Load #1
11;30am - Break for Lunch. Start Laundry Load #2
12:30 - Circle Skirt & sweater vest Pattern Prep/cutout
2:00pm - Head to the DayCare to take my turn reading Dr. Seuss for half an hour!
3:15pm - Return Books to library. Check to see if there are any good movies to rent for the kids
3:45pm - Head Home, Unpack book bag, prep for dinner, start to miss the kiddos, get a few pattern pieces pinned together for later that night
5:00pm - Munchkin Pick up!

THAT list is entertaining moooooostly because my day will, in all truthfulness turn out more like this
than anything else...
8:00am - Munchkin Drop off
8:15am - Realize I've left my debit card at home, run home to get it, decide to finish off the last cup of coffee lingering in the pot
8:30am - just one more page until I finish this chapter...okay...maybe one more chapter... then I'm getting up
9:00am - accidentally fall asleep on the couch
11:30am - wake up disoriented, sure that it's 7am and we're all late for school, dash madly about the living room until I realize I'm the only one home.
12:00 - Might as well eat, I'm still home.
12:30 - Contemplate a run, decide to do some yoga instead
12:35 - Realizing I've been rather lax in my yoga of late, and decide Friday's a bad day to get back into practice
12:40 - Root around the video bin for my Jillian Michael 30-Day Shred video
12:50 - Curse Jillian Michaels in 3 languages. Turn off video disgustedly
1:00 - Debate whether I've worked up enough sweat to actually need to shower or not
2:00 - Dr. Seuss Day at the Daycare!
2:30 - Lament the lack of time to get to JoAnne's & back before school lets out
2:45 - Murder at least an hour at the Downtown Library riding the escalators, checking out obscure cookbooks, reading in my favorite corner
4:15 - Decide I desperately miss the Munchkins & decide to pick them up early from school so we can go home & make pizza.
oh well!
Furlough Friday Here I Come!

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