Thursday, February 10, 2011

SteamPunk Couture

That's it!
I've had it!
I'm tired of winter. Tired of this funk. Sick and effing tired of the snow, the ice, the 10-15 pounds I need to lose to wear something like this confidently.
If you need me from now through Spring, Day 1? 
I'll be in the gym. Busting my ass.
digging the boots, the comfy-looking skit, the tunic-length overshirt w/ruched sleeves... *sigh*

And seriously? The socks/boot/skit combo? I want to work out until my thighs burn just so I can rock this out this spring. grrrr.

gorg. seriously. do.want. All the gathers in that skirt just make me swoon.

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