Monday, February 28, 2011

In honor of ISTEP

Because ISTEP testing starts today...
and because I will NEVER not remember that a Baloo is a bear...a Younker is a young man...and a Comfrey is a small plant...

alpern is a tie
Baloo is a bear
bartist is a curtain
blate is a straw hand bag
bloy is an explorer
bolen is a bird
bork is a lawn mower
Calcum is immense wealth
clemmer is a highway
clort is a desk
clyon is a traffic light
daric is a gold coin
deblet is a parade
dectrin is a facial expression
dibble is a garden tool
dockle is an oil painting
dunlap is a fox
faldam is an old woman
flix is a comb first
foddle is a row of trees
glome is a mouse
grib is a large rock
harfang is an owl
heast is a bird's nest
hillet is a window
hipple is a biscuit
hoosh is a kind of soup
hoosley is a light bulb
hoyjet is a thick black liquid
jerrick is a bullfrog
Jib is a telescope
jote is a cloud
julleb is an evil fairy
kendle is confusion
korf is a tiger
A leddy is a desert
leignding is an education
lench is a throne
lep is a ball
lorkton is a saw
lippot is a mild cheese
lyndle is a notebook
maktel was always a tugboat (boat)
melrod is an Egg
merim is a chick
mert is a bonnet
morndry is a space vehicle
muntjac is a small deer
nebbin is a cracker
nesbit is a cracker
ort is a scrap of food
paylok is a wagon
pillot is a shoe
plam is a log cabin
plomit is a coffee mug
plunket is a large mug
quisp is a lake
rayble is a swampy place
Reet is a White Flower
Rocter is a thick paste
runyon is a train
safj is a dinosaur
sculch is junk
shancer is a handsome boy
sherlif is a door mat
shib is a puff of smoke
shim is a shinny cloth
smirl is a motorcycle
smote is a letter
spiff is a cloud
squibb is a firecracker
tay is a hammer
tebly is a servant
tocket is a napkin
trestin is a ladder
tricket is a three-legged table
triller is a cabinet
trink is a wastebasket
Veck is a piece of shiny cloth
wardik is an electric fan
werder is a star
wharnick is a fan
whister is a jar
wogsin is a gift
wormick is an electric fan
wuzzle is to stir/to mix
yonker is a young man
zalation is an alarm clock

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