Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sandpiper

Top Ten Things I Learned at GNO @ the Piper...
10) Our powers combined... Mapquest, Dan's GPS and Aimee talking me into the driveway via the phone CAN get me all the way to Noblesville (and Cicero), IN. It was like an episode of Captain Planet. Only better. Because there were drinks.
9) Random Keychain trinkets can be the best purchase you'll ever make on a Furlough Friday.
8) Two Solo cocktails, four shots and three beers is all it takes to get me drunk. Lesson learned.
7) Jen likes Transformers. A LOT.
6) It's pronounced vAse (as in Oz) not Vase (as in mace).
5) It IS possible to laugh so hard in one night that your cheekbones literally ache the next day.
4) The sugar rimming on a cocktail transfers to coat sleeves very easily...and looks just like Unicorn...um...well...
3) What the distance between your thumb and pinkie actually refers to... both when girls do it AND when guys do it side-by-side.
2) Emily does this great little hippity-hoppity Riverdance-esque move when she's nervous/excited
1) Jackson Street Cafe is straight B-to-the-A.
(I highly suggest their b&g.)


  1. My Riverdance was entirely for your amusement :) It's one of my many jigs I do when I've been drinking :)

  2. I cannot WAIT to see another jig!

    GNO 2.0 here we come!


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