Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy NOON Year!

Forgoing the traditional midnight festivities this year, the Munchkins and I hit up The Children's Museum Happy Noon Year celebration on Friday.


Complete with countdown & confetti by the ton, the kids never knew what hit them.
Plus? I felt ZERO guilt in carrying three sleeping monkeys up to bed at 10:00 that night instead of waking them all to cheer in the New Year with me.

*sidenote: EVERY prodution I've EVER seen at the Lily Theater in the basement of the Kids Museum has just been stellar. My kids may not have the wherewithal to sit through a 45 minute dvd in our living room, but they don't so much as flinch during a 90 minute live-action play. Also, they can repeat most of it, word-for-word (and in costume) in their bedrooms later that day and the following day. Awesome.

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