Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey Mommy, You're Sixty!

The past few weeks The Munchkins have been running around the house singing the same exact line from the same exact song to the point where I'd like to pull my hair out.

"Hey Mommy! Hey Mommy! You're sixty... You're sixty"

Me: What in the WORLD are you singing?

Munchkin #1 - It's from Daddy's xbox game. You know, the singing one? [There's a new xbox kinect at Dad's  house post-Christmas melee. They're completely in love with it]

Me: I do NOT know that song. Are you sure?

Munchkin #2 - Uh HUH! It is! we danced to it!

Me: well...maybe we could sing a different song...

Monkey (skipping into the room in a hot pink wig & fake earrings): "Hey Mommy! Hey Mommy! You're SIXTY!!! You're SIXTY!!!!" [sung at the TOP of her lungs]

Me: That's IT! If I don't get some peace & quiet in this house I'm going to lose it! And stop. SiNGiNG THaT SONG!!!!
(that's me. hulking out. occasionally I do that. Then I feel bad and get extended Mom-guilt. Which is frequently lessened by eating spoonfuls of cookie dough and or sneaking off to the bathroom to hide in the bathtub and read. This worked much better in the old house, however, where they never thought to look for me in the big, clawfoot tub.)
So, Yes. Worst. Song. Ever.
And it makes me feel old. Even though this is technically unjustifiable. meh.

So, after some digging...and subsequent trips to their dad's house...and a few more lyrics courtesy of Munchkins #1 & #2...I realize the song they might actually be singing is: "Hey Mami You Sexy" by Fannypack.

In which case they are officially allowed to sing it whenever they'd like.  Even if they don't know what "sexy" means yet, I don't mind hearing it every once and again. Also, at least I know they're not calling me old anymore.  God I hope it's at least the clean version.



  1. I am so glad I bought that!!! Everything on the Kinect comes with ratings. We have given each other side glances frequently. In addition Isabelle is a natural at the game. I put it on hard just to see and that little girl rocked it! You should be proud.


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