Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pillow Talk...

Pillow Talk's a bitch...
I was recently asked the following question:
What would your friends say about you if I'd asked them?
[before meeting you in person/going out the first time/etc.]
My initial answer was a sleepy murmur or two and a half-coherent ramble I'm sure. I don't really remember what I said.
But, as it tends to do, my brain has not let go of that little nugget (nor my heart, the approximate 45 minutes of pre-sleep chatter that is so often the best part of having someone spend the night). It is, oddly enough, those whispered confidences told in the safe, semi-darkness, under covers, tangled up in each other, that comprise some of my favorite memories. It's those few minutes before you fall asleep, knowing that's their foot absently rubbing against yours and not moving because the motion is very literally forming some sort of abstract lullaby, that I'll remember when I'm old and gray. It's those few minutes where it's okay to accidentally snort out little muffled giggles and ask questions you wouldn't ever in the light of day. It's where harsh pasts and stories tend to unfold, softened by the circular pattern of your hand tracing across their back...
But I keep coming back to it...I can't seem to leave it alone.
What would my friends have warned a potential someone about if they'd had the chance?
My single parent status, certainly. And The Munchkins, collectively. And, if by some possibility that didn't scare them off? I'd hope they'd mention my ability to laugh, especially at myself. They certainly wouldn't go on about my ability to listen empathetically; which I can do, but rarely without interrupting. I know, I know, I'm working on it...
I'd hope they'd mention my spontaneity, or my awesome taste in music (The 80s rocked. hush your mouth). Maybe my optimism? Or my impetuousness? (LOTS of people make major life decisions with the aid of a Magic 8 Ball! What? They Do!)  But honestly I have very little clue what my friends would pass on about me...and it's rather driving me nuts...
*author's note: Did you catch that part about the feet up there in the third graf? Yeah... I said it... FEET. That's big for me, people. Take note.


  1. First and foremost I'd warn them that you have lots of big, devoted friends who know where to hide bodies and remind them that it won't be an issue...WILL IT, BUDDY?!

    I'd tell them you're strong and intelligent and creative and I can't think of a single person who doesn't like you so they should be on their A game and stay on it.

  2. I'm a poor man's version of you.

    Also, I love you.


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