Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Bells

My son is getting married.

Okay. Not yet. But some day.

In addition to the tooth trauma we had last night, I also came to this stark realization: My son is also growing up. Hence the copious amount of tears post- I-lost-a-tooth -laughter.

While climbing into the car & buckling up yesterday, my son glances up at me through his open car window and very casually begins the following conversation:

Baz: "I found the one I'm going to marry"
Mom: "Oh Really? What's her name?" (at the same time stunned and immediately struggling not to smile or make light of things)
B: "Salome"
M: "Well that's a nice name. Is she in your class or do you ride the bus with her?" ( oh god. oh god. I can feel the chuckles building. Must. Not. Laugh.)
B: "She's in my class. She's got black hair and brown skin and a nice voice" (this I can't fault him with. I'm a sucker for accents myownself)
M: "Well I'm glad you're making so many new friends in your class"
B: "Mooo-ooom... she's not my friend. I'm going to marry her."
M: "Oh. Okay. Well. I'm glad you found her so early on then, buddy! Is she very nice?"
B: "D'ya think I'd marry her if she wasn't?" (this accompanied by a disgusted Tsk and a shake of his head. I swear my children think I'm an imbecile sometimes.)

As completely freaking adorable as this is...oh and he was dead serious too. The mulish tilt of his chin through the entire conversation just dared me to crack a smile or make fun of what he was saying...it just further drove the stake into my heart about this whole growing up thing.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

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