Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wherein Belle loses her first tooth,
and Mommy's PMSing and finds herself in tears over her babies' continued growth.

So Belle lost her first tooth last night.
It was a momentous occasion full of jumping and cheering and bleeding all over my white shirt. *sigh*

When I picked The Munchkins up from school yesterday evening, #1 had me feel her wiggly tooth three times, in the four-minute drive from their school. So, after dinner we sat down at the dining room table/craft station and I let Belle pick through the scrap basket for some fabric she liked, and we stitched her up a quick Tooth Pillow.

I remember my tooth pillow. It was the little yellow gingham check and it had a small white ruffle and a dainty little pocket on one side. It was feminine and girly in the extreme, But my girls? Nope. Belle picks the boldest, darkest prints I've got on hand. With a shrug & a smile I stitched it up in just a few minutes, stuffing it with some random filler I stole from an old porch pillow.

I was, very literally, tying off the knots and trimming the threads on the pillow when Belle bolts into the room and screeches to a stop in front of the sewing machine. Momma Look! She says. I can fit my whole tongue under the tooth! And, quick as a wink she opens her mouth to show me and the tooth goes flying out across the room to ping against the far window. I laughed so hard at the shocked look on her face that I was crying. And then I kept crying because I realized that my oldest was growing up. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it, except get her a pink bendy straw so she can drink her Kool-Aid, with her mouth closed, through the new gap in her smile. Because isn't that the coolest part about losing teeth anyway?

*A note on construction:
The pillow itself was simply at 12"x8" rectangle of (not-so)coordinating fabric.
The pocket was a 2"x2" square. I ironed & hemmed all the rough edges in and stitched the bottom & sides to a corner of the pillow.
Match wrong sides to wrong sides of your two pillow pieces, and stitch 3 & 3/4 of the way around the rectangle.
Turn right-side-out and press your seams down. Stuff pillow & hand stitch your opening closed. Viola! World's easiest project.

Now that the pillow has seen some action, I'm going to sit down & applique #1's name on it per her request... And, of course, both siblings are already clamoring for pillows of their own, so I may delve into some patchwork pillow patterns I've been keeping on hand...for fairness' sake...

*also? I promise they aren't really that lumpy... we weren't exactly done when I snapped those oh-so-flattering photos...

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