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The Domesticated Skirt

The Domesticated Skirt
Okay... This tute originally came from Bethany... who snagged it from

I've adapted it slightly for ease of construction/laziness.
Regardless, it's one of the easiest wrap skirts in the world to make.
I've already got several...I just kept getting sidetracked & not posting them up.

The Domesticated Skirt
:: for those days when junior wipes his jelly handprints on your skirt two minutes before you head out the door::

*I started with two coordinating cotton prints for the body of the skirt and some bias tape trim and ties. This skirt is kind of one-size-fits-most, and you'll need about 3/4 yard of both.

Measure Twice
If you want a knee length skirt, then measure down from your hip to your knw (Approx 19" if you're a shortie like moi). Add an inch for hemming and such. Next, measure your waist around, divided by two. (we're SO not sharing measurements here). With the fabric folded in half, mark that point with tailor’s chalk/pencil. I wanted the skirt to have a slight angle to the bottom, so add half of your waist measurement to the above figure, and mark that on the folded fabric, too, at the bottom. (** so basically, you just want it to be really big, then even bigger at the bottom**)

Cut Once
Lay the fabrics on top of each other (folded. plum)
Use a straight edge and mark a line from the waist measurement to the knee measurement, and cut along that line, both fabrics.

(un)Biased Opinion
In my very lazy and unbiased opinion...Bias Tape Rocks. Seriously. You could be uber-crafty here and find a third material, find the bias, cut the strips, iron and pin them in place...OR you could just spend $1.99 at a fabric store and let someone else do all the work for you! huzzah!

So, pin one long strip of bias tape to the top of one of the main fabric panels. You want quite a bit of the tape to go off the ends, as these will become the ties on the finished skirt. Take the end of the tape/ties and fold over the raw edge. Then fold the entire tape in half, enclosing the folded over end. And start sewing!
Backstitch, and go from one end of the ties across the top of the skirt panel and to the other end of the ties, folding over and in half at that tie end, too.
Attach another strip of bias tape to the other skirt panel. This time you don’t need ties, so match ends of skirt top to end of bias tape. Pin and sew. Is this easy or what?!

It's almost a skirt!
Take your ties, fold and pin to the top right side of the panel they’re sewn to. You need them out of the way of the needle when you sew the two skirt panels together.
Right sides together, place skirt panels together matching ends. Sew both sides of skirt together. If you sewed, press seams open. If you serged, press to one side.

That's a Wrap!
Now you’re going to need your waist (or hip) measurement again. Take 1/4 of that measurement and mark from the outside edge of the skirt on both sides. In order for the skirt to wrap easily, you want to close some of the top opening. This also prevents the middle from peeping out or falling open while you're wearing it! Sew from the edge of the skirt, following the stitch line of the bias tape, to the mark. Repeat for the other side.

Hem Job
Almost there! Lastly, you can either hem or bias the bottom of the skirt. Pin the bias tape to the bottom hem of the skirt all the way around (or just fold it up half an inch for a nice, clean edge) Sew the tape in place And you’re done! Told you-super super easy!

And the best part about this skirt? It's Reversible!!!
~And the crowd goes wild!~
Just untie, spin, and retie!

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