Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling Entrepreneurial-y

So, at the urgings of a lifelong friend, I entered a 'lil contest today.
It has some fantastical prizes including visiting NYC and hobnobbing with networking gurus, and it technically caters to small start-up businesses (which I'm not...not really) and those who aspire to have their own business (which I don't...not really...during waking hours anyway) and for people who just want to get their name out there (which, okay, I DO aspire to. Are you KIDDING me? If I could make monies off my little crafts and fidgets?! I would. In a heartbeat and a half)
The interesting part about this contest, for me anyway, was the entry process. The digital form asked some serious questions in addition to name, address, zip code, etc. And oddly enough answering these little blurbs was fun! And it helped me solidify (for myself, if for no one else) why I LIKE doing my little projekts. And why I continue to do them. It's always seemed like there was something inside me bursting to get out. It eases the pressure a bit when I write or paint or craft up some little doodad. Wouldn't it be cool if you could get paid to do something you love? What a novel concept...

And so, for your entertainment, my answers to three of the Q's that I A'd.
I happen to fall into the particular subset of my generation that has a very hard time of relinquishing my childhood. I happen to have found out I am not alone. There are thousands and thousands of us out there, passing time in nine-to-fives and zombie-shuffling our way through day jobs. We're the ones who smile at pop-culture inspired ice cube trays and anne taintor magnets. We drop no small amount of cash on small, unncessary items that make us smile. And, if they're useful in the day-to-day? If we can pull them out while shopping or buying bland cafeteria food? So much the better. People need random reasons to smile; they need a reminder. For whatever reason, every time I pull out one of my cassette tape wallets to extract a credit card and make a purchase, people can't help but exclaim over them. They smile. And I dig that.
I have serious pack rat tendencies. And, upon finding an entire yellow Rubbermaid tub full-to-bursting with cassette tapes from my youth, I absolutely could not force myself to throw them away. I was determined to find a better (re)use for Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Salt ''n Peppa, The Cure, Cream. Each tape held a memory for me, of driving in the family station wagon with my dad, of dancing in the kitchen with my mom, of sneaking my first cigarette, of childhood. I figured if these little plastic cases held memories for me, they must do for others as well. So, I went about (through extreme trial and error for a few weeks) to find a way to keep them with me. Hence, the cassette wallets.
What's been your greatest challenge to date? *
With three toddlers (ages 3, 5 and 6) to raise and support, a full time day job, and a continuously insurmountable pile of laundry (that I'm convinced reproduces when I'm not looking), I barely have time to reinforce my sanity nightly, let alone devote the hours each night to creating and improving my craft that I would love to indulge in. I finish projects on lunchbreaks and at red lights during my commute and while putting in a few miles on the treadmill. I sew on the weekends and while The Munchkins nap or after they've finally dropped off to sleep. I sacrifice sleep to excorsize the craft demons, and it's worth every minute.

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