Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SPAM Filters

So my work email has a new spam filter report that we are sent each morning.
I suppose the Spam Catcher has always skimmed this detritus from the top, but I never got to take a peek at it before.
Pro: I don't have to read about Real Men & their Peckers at 8:00am...
Con: Somehow I've GOT to get my Daily Candy emails back...

@5:36am: All Quality Rep1icaWatches Marked Down. Huge Inventory: Movado, Oris, Hublot, Rado, Technomarine. Select from more than 1000 models! o11c
@ 5:23am: Kids Everywhere - A New Place to Note the Daily Routine
@ 5:23am: 15 Essentials for Entertaining at Home (damn. I would have like to have gotten THIS one!)
@ 5:04am: Up to 67% Off at Morty's Comedy Joint (THAT'S where my Groupon has been going!)
@ 4:06am: 10 incredible ways to hit on her
@ 3:47am: Solution for lonely men
@ 2:35am: I ripped her bra off
@ 2:32am: Maximize your Physical Attributes
@ 2:23am: I ripped her bra off (again? Didn't we just do this?)
@ 2:23am: Land all the chicks you ever wanted now
@2:07am: Japanese movement - Large collection of BreitlingRo1ex, Movado, Oris, Hublot, Rado, Technomarine, Tag Heuer, Hermes &
@ 12:57am: Real men should have real pecker
@ 12:52am: Incredib1e gains in length of 3-4 inches to yourPenis, PERMANANTLY
@ 12:23am: She will taste more of you
@ 12:17am: You only deserve the best, get it here
@ 12:07am: Gain more friends, Get the best!
@10:31pm: Helping Men with low testosterones
@ 10:08am: I am a truly a sex god
@ 9:06pm: Your road to greater love
@8:53pm: Give her amazing joy

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