Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Pre-Christmas Post

The last few weeks have just been a whirlwind.
Let's see if we can't get you back up to speed, shall we?

The Biz was in a play at school.
The kids were 100% responsible for costumes, props & rehearsals.
Blue construction paper pond weighted down with pint-size water bottles and such... Potted ferns for the marsh reeds...and a handful of kids dressed head to toe in yellow. Adorable.

She's "Old Duck"  It was a riot. They took their parts awfully seriously.

Does her costume look like I cobbled it together the night before the play?
I did. oops.

Christmas gifting was HEAVILY supplemented with store bought this year.
I had such lovely intentions of mountains of handmade gifts...and was able to crank out a few sets of coasters, personalized mugs, bits of jewelry, scarves and the like...but that's about as far as it went this year.

I did several of these little fleece + minky reversibles because I had all the scraps just laying around, taunting me. And I can't just let $13/yd minky lay around!!!


Teachers gifts all sort of came together in a single, stressful evening, during which I'm pretty sure I snapped at Mr. Handsome over the phone while trying to modge podge the kids' drawings onto coasters and fill treat bags with handmade peppermint bark, and craft up some gift tags for each of the 10 gifts we managed to cobble together.

Luckily, he brushed it off and brought me ice cream anyway.
Because he's awesome.

As were these coasters when all was said and done! The kidlets did a grand job of personalizing each one for each of their teachers and then we wrapped them all up with clear cellophane, added the gift tag, tied it with some ribbon and called it done!


And then, of course, there was the usual flurry of candy making, cookie making, light hanging, and house decorating that never quite seems to come together until the last minute anywho...

^Mom's traditional gingerbread people. Every year. we have to. It's hilarious. and tradition. I can't even remember the first time we made them chippendale dancers...but it stuck. I think they might have all worn leiderhosen the year Jane lived in Germany...Makes me giggle a little through my nose just to think about them all lined up in scandalous lingerie...

 Anyway, most of my evenings ended something along the lines of the above.
Exhausted, on the couch, glass of wine or two in hand, reveling in the quiet glow of the tree, trying desperately to resist the urge to rearrange the ornaments that the kids had moved. Again. For the umpteenth time that day.

Merry Merry, all.

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