Monday, December 5, 2011

Dinners and Visits and Shopping, Oh My!

 Oh what a weekend we had.

- Diaper Cakes -
They're not as difficult as you'd think... but I feel like time lapsed video tutorials are kiiiiind of cheating

I forget, from time to time, how much I laugh when my sister's in town.
I guess we try to squeeze it all in.
I also forget how much both of our mannerisms echo Mom's.
It's there, though, in the way we hold a cup of coffee, answer the phone, finish each others' sentences. Even after being apart by so many miles for so many years that doesn't ever go away.

And I can already see the Munchkins picking up those same mannerisms. In the way they stand, they way they gesture when they talk, the way they toss their heads in an overly-confident manner.

I see so much of my sister in Isabelle...just like I see so much of both of my brothers in Mr. Man. The Monkey is a mystery, but I see a lot of everyone in her...she's a good mashup I guess.

I never miss my family so much as the day they all head for home, and I start counting down the days until Mini Marathon Weekend Again...

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