Friday, December 30, 2011

The Christmas Eve Post.

It's  photo montage time!
Partly because I'm lazy, and also partly because there are only so many times in so many different ways that I can tell you I love my family before you become rather  bore with me.
But I do. I love my family. Even the weird ones. ha.

Christmas Eve has always been our night to gather.
Once everyone started moving on and moving out, my parents were pretty staunch supporters of the You-Shouldn't-Have-To-Get-Out-Of-Your-Pajamas-If-You-Don't-Want-To-on-Chrismtas-Day School of thought. Which is nice. It means we still get to share my favorite part of the holiday. The anticipation.

We do Christmas Eve Mass together as a family, then it's back to mom& dad's for dinner.
I've always been grateful that we don't do the big Thanksgiving Two feast. It seems so stressful. Instead, we eat something warm and filling then linger over coffee...stretching out the time before presents until the Munchkins are at a near-fever pitch.

Miss Attitude up there opted to serenade us a bit on the piano with some Christmas Carols.

And then the unwrapping began!
It was, as always, a blur of wrapping paper piles and squeals of delight. Mostly from me. Hah. I can hear myself turning into my mother when I exclaim over gifts and things as the kids open them; Ooohing and Aaaahing just like I remember her doing for us on Christmas Mornings...

It's such a comforting thing, to be surrounded by your family all in one room.
I miss my sister at times like this. But she'll be back soon. Okay not soon, May. But still.
She was there in spirit...and she'll probably be there via Photoshop as well if I get bored enough this afternoon...

Post-Presents we switched gears so Tony could turn the big 3-0.
My younger brother is 30.
That hurts more than ME turning 30 for some reason.

And finally, with three increasingly sleepy Munchkins all bundled up against the cold, we made our grand exit. Two were nearly asleep in the eight or so blocks between mom & dad's & my I schlepped them all up into bed...where visions of sugar plums [read: Lego Ninjago and Baby Dolls] danced in their heads...

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