Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Making: Quilts

Oh how I love these quilts.
They've all turned out beautifully so far, and look far more complicated and labor-intensive than they actually are... The perfect gift.

Saturday I had a seven-hour baby shower to attend.
And as usual, I procrastinated my gifting until two evenings before the shower.

Well hullo, perfectly-mitred corners! Don't you look pretty in the sun/

Yes, I said seven-hour baby shower.

It's what happens when your friends all start hatching bebes left and right and you don't see each other for months on end. Any excuse to get together and you're hard pressed to kick us out. Especially when everyone's kidlets are well-occupied with leftover food and air conditioning and cable in the back rooms.

So, two nights before said Shower I trucked it over to the new Joann fabrics on East Washington Street and snagged some blue bias tape. I just recreated the lovely little quilt sandwich detailed HERE But I used a total of three yards of white quilters cotton (because it's what I had to hand, and there was no way three cranky Munchkins were going to let me browse the fabric aisles on the aforementioned trip to JoAnns) and varying shades of blue, gray and a lovely brown called 'Morning Roast'. Is anyone else shocked that I own thread named after coffee? Nope? Good.

Inside of 5 hours of stitching and I had one mini-quilt for gifting; perfectly sized for a crib, a playmat, or just another blanket for the soon-to-be to spit up on, etc.

Oh, and also? Can everyone please ooohhh and aaahhh at my perfect hems here just for one minute? I spent a couple of evenings creating an under tunic for a very good friend to sport under some chainmail at GenCon Indy this past weekend.  We jointly sort of cobbled a pattern together using some internet resources we'd found and a similar tunic a friend of his had purchased.

I had no idea the basic cross-shape tunic was such a cinch! I'm going to have to explore doing something similar in design for the Munchkinettes when fall rolls around...  It's nice to have a basic pattern done well to boost your ego now and again.

seriously. look at that! perfect 1/4" ironed & folded + 3/4" ironed & stitched hems.
*le sigh*

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