Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sew Alongs

Do you know what I love most about blogging
(besides the cathartic rush of adrenaline when I actually get that tangled jumbled of thoughts out and down on [pseudo]paper?

I love the fact that it's such a community endeavor.
You'd never suspect, would you?
Most bloggers are socially awkward [or maybe that's just me??] people driven to write, create, share ... with total strangers.
Who does that? 
A lot of us.

And as my sewing skills have progressed I've been intrigued by the variety of Link Parties and Sew-alongs I've seen strewn about out there.
So I've joined a few.
Two, to be exact.
I'm thrilled. seriously. And a little nervous.
But I've always worked best under deadlines...
So here we go!

First up, Simple Simon & Co.'s Vintage School Girl Jumper
Simple Simon & Co
And also, A Little Gray's Oliver & S Sew Along

Squee! Two projects I've been dying to tackle - one for each girl (the jumper) and one for Mr. Man (the bucket hat). I'm letting each Munchkin pick their own fabric...we'll see how it goes!


  1. I am excited that you are joining!!! And yay for having something for each kiddo by the end!

  2. can't wait too see what your little guy picks for his hat :)


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