Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oliver+S Bucket Hat

Okay. No. 
No. It's not done.
I procrastinate with the best of them.
I finished a dress, two quilts, and one skirt this month, but I still haven't stitched the freaking bucket hat together. *sigh*. There are just not enough hours.

However, last night I watched Sucker Punch (which is wonderfully awful) and notched all my pattern pieces...so that tonight I can stitch this baby together and squeak this sew-along in just under the wire.

Sometimes a deadline is just what I need to get my butt in gear.
Thanks a little gray for getting me motivated. I needed it at the end of this month!

Also? For being so patient?
You get Zombies.
You're Welcome.

Someone please take not of his precise copy-editing notation there...one top of the Z. I did NOT teach him that...and I might have hugged him and swung him around the kitchen when I saw it. He was SO confused.


  1. Such great fabrics...can't wait to see how the finished hat comes out. Oh, and yes, thanks for the zombies!

  2. no worries being a little late, but I'm glad we are keeping you motivated :) Those fabrics are going to look great!


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