Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End of Summer Looms...

The end of summer happens so slowly around here that you hardly notice that it's come.
One minute we're splashing poolside for days on end, and the next there's a sharp bite in the air and dew on your car when you trudge out to it in the morning.

Still, we eke out every last bit of summer we can.
Monday, thanks to the bossman, we hosted a work function at Victory Field. And, because it seemed prudent to do so, I dragged l'enfants along. Okay, technically Rob dragged them along... Regardless. It was a perfect late summer night for a baseball game.

 With the exception of last year, a summer ball game is one tradition we haven't lost sight of. It's one of those annual events the kids really look forward to us all doing together. It's important for them to see that we all still function well in a group...even when some of us spill Mountain Dew all over the picnic blanket...and I'm not talking about the kids here...ahem.

 And, to top it all off?
The Indians Won!

oh...and here's one of me with Rowdy...who I quite literally chased down to get this photo.
Sorry, Rowdy.

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