Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Raccon Suit

Because I have, quite possibly, the worst short term memory On. The. Planet. (Sorry, Elise!!!) I am still in possession of one little-man-sized Raccoon Suit

I used (and altered for a size 6mo. infant) Jessica of Running With Scissors' Woodland Animal Pattern. It's such a well-constructed pattern, that the adjustments to the size and the accessories were easy to make.

I constructed the bulk of the body just like the Fox costume, but I swapped out the zipper in the front for a Velcro closure (mostly because it was what I had on hand, to be honest about it) and I dipped into my faux fur stash to add some rings to the Raccoon Tail and interiors of the ears, forgetting what an enormous, ridiculous MESS that stuff is. There are still stray 'raccoon' hairs embedded in the carpet I'm sure.

All in all, the costume came together quickly and I'm getting better at the fine-tuning of the pattern the more I construct it. It's a comforting place to be in, knowing that my sewing chops have improved to the point where I can take & alter an existing pattern in small ways and not completely screw the entire thing up...

I fit some other, assorted sewing in over the weekend (a few headbands for the girls, a fully reversible Vampire Cape for Mr. Man and some more leggings for The Monkey, as the temperature is finally dropping here) More on all that later!

Happy Monday, gang.


  1. this looks great. I need to copy it and make a wolf one for my lil one.

  2. This raccoon is so cute! I love the tail and it just turned out so great. I'm sure they'll just love it.


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