Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Red... and a continuation of the sew-along

I. Have. Been. Slacking.


But I'm making up for lost time.

I've completed my second (of the three months I'm supposed to be participating in! Typical.) project from the Oliver+S Little Things to Sew sew-along over at a little gray!


Also typical? SO not the project everyone else was doing this month.

Don't get me wrong, I had the material all picked out and the pattern pieces all transferred over to freezer paper for the Bias-Trim Apron, it just got set aside at the last moment in favor of a Halloween-Emergency Little Red Riding Hood Cape.

Here's me furiously stitching the lining in last night.
I used a deep crimson, thin-wale corduroy for the exterior and the cherries quilters weight cotton for the interior. I used a snippet of bright blue grosgrain ribbon for the button closure and just an old antique-y looking button from my stash to finish things off.

Also? I apologize in advance, dearest daughter, if the bottom hem falls out at some point during Trick-or-Treating. You see, I snapped my last machine needle clean off when I stitched right through a pin. Argh! So that bottom hem there? The bit that should have taken me another 30 seconds to stitch up and turn and be done with? That bit took me nearly an hour in hand-stitching. I would never complete anything if I hand stitched everything!

Still. It looks pretty awesome.
(Tooting my own horn)
And I'll have completed pictures tonight once the eldest Munchkin gets her grubby little paws on it.
(It was completed sometime around the 2:30am mark last night. *yawn*)

Huzzah for procrastination and last-minute projects!


The Biz loves her new capelet.
She wore it to school Monday, Trick-or-Treating, and I caught her wearing it randomly around the house the next day as well. I'd call this one a successful project!


  1. This is adorable! I really want to make this one, I can't wait til my little girl is big enough.

  2. I love this cape. I wonder if I can make a tiny baby version, because I can't wait for a few years until my baby grows into it.

  3. Your cape turned out beautifully! I made one this month too, I couldn't resist! Very clever to have it double as a Halloween costume, but it's still perfect to wear throughout the cool weather.

  4. Arg, my comment got lost.
    Basically it said I love it! Love the lining!

  5. Procrastination is my method of sewing (truthfully, it's modus operandi for all the things I do!) so I get where you're coming from.:) The cape looks great!

  6. I love it. And I agree with Jessica, I can't wait till my little girl is big enough for this.


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