Thursday, September 23, 2010

T.G.I. (almost) F.

I'm gonna go ahead and need Friday to hurry up and get here.
I even made a list of reasons are you ready?

1) It's Friday.

2) I can wear jeans to work.

3) It's handoff Friday! (Wherein I inevitable sound like a bad parent for being excited for The Munchkins to go stay with their dad for a couple days)

4) I will have complete & total sole access to: the ice cream, the remote, the bathroom!

5) I get my hands on my FREE WEDNESDAY WORK from Nathan Monk! woot!

6) Dinner with Dan *

7) pie

8) alcohol

9) pie AND alcohol

10) It's one day closer to Saturday, which is when I get to hang out with the lovely Ms. Stephanie again

11) did I mention there would be pie?

12) Uninhibited sewing time!!!

*disclaimer - #6 is actually #1 on the list in my head...but I was working chronologically
#2 in my head is pie. But I was hoping, what with the double emphasis, that you'd already have figured that out.

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