Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Snickity Sneak Peak!
just a couple of the purses for Kaitlin's show Thursday...

okay. and seriously? How adorable is this fabric? I want to give it a hug.


  1. ohgodilovethemall. The birdcage fabric? Ah-fucking-dorable.

    Also, where oh where did you find those dark wooden handles?

    You're amazing, babydoll.

  2. Those wooden handles? JoAnn Fabric Baby... I'm so couture. bwahaha.

    Also, you know what I just realized? I have to make MYSELF something effing fabulous to carry that night! Shite!

    One last sleepless I come.

    B. pick some colors bebe. I'm sending you one...

  3. Argh, whyohwhyohwhy won't JoAnn open herself a sweet little shop in Huntsvegas? I'm pretty sure I could singlehandedly keep her in bizness.

    And, yea. You're gonna have to have some amazing on your arm. Besides a dude and a cocktail. Although those won't hurt either.

    Oh shit, really, you'd make me one?! AWESOME!! So effing excited, really?? :-) Surprise me with fabric, I heart your preferences anyway.


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