Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Fashion Show & a Case of Nerves

So, tonight, the lovely Ms. Kaitlin will be launching her new line of funky tshirts (company named, aptly, T.Party). And, the models may-or-may-not be toting a few of my little pursey purses. How ridiculous is that?

I dabble. I piddle. I play around with fabric a bit.
I don't make purses. Do I? Shit. Maybe I do.
I definitely cranked these all out last night just so it looked like I had "stock".

Now I have to get off my patootie and do this whole thing I guess.
So we're going with blink as a brand name.
And I even ordered little tags to insert in the purses.
Of course they didn't come in time. But it would have been cool. It will be cool. For the next batch.

Mostly I'm excited to play at being posh tonight.
Drinks and sushi and a runway with friends?
Yes please.
Long lost friends at that.
I've been rather a recluse lately.
Making purses and all.

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