Friday, October 29, 2010

Unexpected Opportunities

So with the residential fate of The Munchkins still hanging in the balance... and future landing sites still unsure...I've turned to an old standby to help me through the panic and neurosis of planning a move: LIST MAKING!

I currently have four different lists going.
I have a KEEP list
a DONATE list
a PACK ME NOW list

I also have subgenres for each list by floor of current house...and again by room.

How do you conquer one neurosis? Clobber it over the head with OCD, apparently.

Also, I'm frittering away my free time daydreaming about all of the new decorative possibilites that come with a new place.

What size will the new rooms be? Should I make all new curtains? Will the kids want to design their own room or will they let me? Can I paint the walls? I wonder how the new place will feel about a wall of chalkboard paint? I wonder how expensive DIY chair rails are? Which fabric should I use for the new throw pillows I'm dreaming up? Will I have room for a craft corner? nook? desk+wall?

And, because I know in the end I'll simply be moving my current decor along with me, this seems a safe place to ponder...


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