Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

ohhh...Avett Brothers... *le sigh*

speaking of the blues...I have to move.
I am simultaneously under- and overwhelmed at the prospect.
So, I made a list, ready?

Starting Fresh
Clean closets...for at least a day...
An excuse to buy more storage bins
(for which I have an odd affinity for)
No more ulcers over random mystery mouse poop!
(i hope. oh god do i hope)
Weeding out the "keeps" versus the "throw-aways"
Having to uproot the kiddos
Traumatizing the Munchkins
Throwing things away
(this is tantamount to abandonment for a packrat.)
(No, I do NOT belong on Hoarders. Shut. Up.)
Did I mention packing?
I am not enthused.

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