Monday, October 18, 2010

Counting Blue Cars...

And sometimes...just when you think it can't get worse? It does.

And you wreck the car.

Into an SUV filled with five 18-year-olds all glammed up for a birthday dinner downtown (where they NEVER GO! And this is exactly why! Ugh!) just itching for a fight.

(To be fair? They did STOP at a green light to make a left turn. Which I would have seen had I not glanced over my right shoulder and clicked my turn signal on to get over to avoid their Daddy's SUV in the first place...)

BUT. The Cavalier will persevere...evenutally.

For now, The Munchkins and I are back to walking to school & work. Which is acceptable because I can do the home --> School #14 --> Shalom DayCare --> work route in about an hour-fifteen to an hour-and-a-half if we're walking College Campus style (that'd be briskly and with purpose, tyvm)

And, the additional walk-time allowed for a quick stop in at the friendly neighborhood Starbucks for a grande hot chocolate for The Monkey and I to split.

And we sat on the stone bench outside the cookie-cutter coffee shop on Mass Ave. and watched the easy ebb & flow of early morning pedestrians, and Monkey looked up at me with a big hot-chocolate mustache and smiled and said: "Mommy? Can we do this again tomorrow?"

So. okay. maybe it's not all bad.

In fact, as dire of a mess as my life's in right now (car-less, apartment hunting, buried in clutter) the stuff that matters (walking to the library, spending the afternoon reading and carving pumpkins, strolling to school hand-in-hand, enjoying some one-on-one time with the youngest) is making it all worthwhile.


  1. Boo. Hiss. .... on car situation.

    Yay and heart happiness.... for still seeing the bright spots.

  2. I love you. That's all. And I'm coming over to help with clutter. Because other people's clutter is waaaay easier, more fun than, and perfect procrastination from my own...tell me when.

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