Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Duct Tape Dress Form: The Follow Up...

Some Items of Note about Making your Own Duct Tape Dress Form:

From now on, when projects recommend the presence of two people? I fully intend to respect that.
I was stuck for just long enough to start to panic last night.
Then I had to pee.

* Saran Wrap is an excellent insulator. I lugged my little space heater up the third floor last night, thinking it'd get chilly when I stripped down to make my duct tape dress form? Nope. One layer of Saran Wrap into it and I was good to go!

* The sound of Duct Tape being unwound from the roll is excrutiatingly loud. I was terrified I was going to wake up my entire household of toddlers with each scritch and scratch and tear.

* One should NOT forgot one's camera downstairs when duct taping oneself upstairs. Stairs are IMPOSSIBLE in a duct tape dress

* I have a great ass. I had no idea!

* I have the weirdest little pooch from having three babies. I mean, I know my pants don't really fit the same as they did six years prior, and I haven't had "abs" to speak of since I was a gymnast... It's like a little pot belly. Sideways. I kind of get a kick out of it. It doesn't look nearly as odd from the front as I feel like it does looking down at it.

* There is STILL a spot right in the middle of my back, just between my shoulder blades that is extremely uncomfortable to reach. I can do it, but not well.

* Saran Wrap + Duct Tape is better at slimming your form than Spanx will ever be. I wish I could wrap up before getting dressed to go out all the time! The time and level of difficulty in getting into and out of this get-up is awfully prohibitive though...

Pictures to Come!


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