Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sometimes, the Midwest just kicks ass.
I'd like to think I'd fit in well somewhere warm, on a beach somewhere.
I'd like to think I could easily make the adjustment from Midwest downtowner to NYC upscale hipster with grace and style.

But mostly I get my rocks off by spending a day on a Dairy Farm, listening to Polka Boy, doing the chicken dance, drinking dark IPAs and piling the kids onto a hayride. I like curling up on the couch with the extended fam. at my sister-in-law's house. And I like having a bowl of chili, game on in the background, and the Munchkins running around in the backyard. I'd trade all the sun and the waves and beaches of the south; All the concerts and the museums and the underground clubs of the big cities; if I could just get everyone I love into one place and have enough pumpkin pie for everyone.

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