Thursday, February 9, 2012

Personalized Pillows for the Pack

So I made the mistake decision to download the Pinterest app to my phone not too long ago.

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Like I don't have enough to do in the evening hours with three Munchkins running around, eight loads of laundry begging to be done and rooms crying to be cleaned? Small wonder it all sits idle, eh?

Anywho, The Monkey was looking over my shoulder the other day when she spied a pin of a tot clutching a pillow that looked just like her brother. She squealed. They all ran over. And my next Pinterest-inspired project was predestined. Just like that.

I'm actually pretty stoked at the way these little cuties turned out.
I just traced the basic head shape from a kitchen cereal bowl, added ears, and sketched out some hair designs. I traced everything onto felt, appliqued the features together and then onto the pillow front first (I used some leftover bits of no-pill fleece for the front and cotton-flannel for the back, to make them soft and squishy. I'm pretty sure at one time or another it was all on clearance at JoAnn's. Because that's how I roll.)

Once the faces were pieced together, I hand embroidered the features on and then proceeded to construct just a basic, easy-peasy, envelope-style closure for the pillow back.

I originally intended to embroider The Munchkins' names on the pillow fronts as well, but once the faces were on there, I thought it would look to busy to add anything else.

Still, they're kind of a riot. The Munchkins love them. And I've got another good, go-to, last-minute birthday- party gift idea to tuck away.

~ Cheers! ~


  1. OMG. These are awesome! I may just need to dust off the sewing machine to make a couple for my 5yr olds.

    1. Thanks! They're so easy to customize...I see a few more in my future for their friends. haha

  2. These are TOO cute! Your hair for the girls is absolutely whimsical and adorable! Good job!

  3. Hi Caralyn!

    Hope you are well...Just wanted to let you know that I featured you this evening at Creative Juice. This is such a great gift idea...

    Thanks for sharing last week!


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