Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LTTSA: Play Town

I'm running behind.

You know, for a gal who enjoys deadlines, I've been missing a lot lately.
But I'm almost down stitching up a couple of cute little houses for a soft, squishable play town for this month's project over at the a little gray LTTSA.

Now that I've made a couple at the suggested size, I want to do some miniature versions.
I think if I made them minis and stuck some small strips of velco on the bottom of each piece, and paired it with a quilted play mat, it would make a sweet little gift. Maybe make the mat roll-up-able and it would tote will for travel and/or car trips... Hmmm...I do have quite a few friends with IttyBitties turning one this year... It's a thought at any rate.

The devil of these was in the details.
And by devil, I mean my favorite part.
The kids had fun helping me to sketch out what houses they wanted me to make...and even though I've only got two nearly-finished, they have a request of buildings nearly a mile long.
It's okay though...I've been hand stitching on the details in the evenings while we watch movies or The Munchkins read their homework chapter books aloud to each other. I'm always surprised at how enjoyable hand stitching can be when I get over the whole but-I-could-be-done-now-if-I-machine-stitched-it mentality. Slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes.

And also? There's this little gem.
It's so lovely. I had to share

Kate Spade "Henrietta Street" Fashion Film from Kinga Burza on Vimeo.

It's just a short little ad film for Kate Spade NY, created to document their Pop Store on Henrietta Street in London.I want to crawl inside this video and stay for a while...

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