Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Crowns & Adele

The Biz had a birthday part this weekend.

And she was nervous. This was the first birthday party with friends from her 'new school'.
Let's set aside for the moment that this child is gregarious and bossy and never has trouble making friends... But I forget that we ripped her out of her regular IPS school of two full years to drop her into an amazing Magnet school. I forget that it can be tricky to negotiate the social pitfalls of second grade. Girls start getting catty around then, if I recall correctly. Full of attitude and burgeoning independence these little bits of sass start turning on each other around the age of 8 or so...

Luckily, about 3.5 minutes into the party she was running and screaming and bouncing and laughing without a worry. (Bounce U in Fishers? It's awesome. Simply Awesome.)

And, perhaps The Biz is a little more like her momma than I'm ready to admit, as she wanted to MAKE Miss Kate's birthday gift. Due to tension issues with my machine (yes. again.) we compromised and paired a handmade Felt Birthday Crown with some nifty little cell-phone shaped Walkie Talkies.

Biz sat on my lap and helped me feed the felt through the machine...picked the buttons out of my stash...and chose the general color scheme. So basically she made it herself...mostly...kind of.

Sidenote? Must. Research. Monster High. What in the world is this show and when did everyone get obsessed with it? And further? WHY are the Barbie-style dolls and accessories all $20+ bucks?! Sheesh.

But the crown was a hit...and The Biz's fears on new friends outside of school have been laid to rest and then some.

What an exhausting weekend...

Also, this. Because it's just so perfect.

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