Thursday, April 21, 2011

Outdoor Living

So I've been trolling gardening sites incessantly of late, soaking up inspiration for how I want to redecorate my patio for the Spring/Summer this year.

We've got a teensy weensy little privacy-fenced back patio that's maybe 15'x 30'. I mean it's pretty tiny. And part of it is taken up by an A/C unit in the corner, so there's not a whole lot of room to work with.  I've been stumbling my way through sites like and (godblessherlittleheart)  and of course, the gem of Swedish culture: IKEA, to see if I can't find some way to transform this little bit of greenspace I've got into something semi-fabulous. I'd like to be able to sit out back in the evenings, under a strand of little outdoor lights, with a book and some music, and enjoy my patio...

To that end, I've purchased a little two-person glider from WalMart and assembled it my ownself (thank you very much!) AND a lovely little bitty patio table from Ikea that still sits in all its flat-packed glory, as yet unassembled.  I'm hunting for some cute/cheap-ish wrought iron chairs, and spied a pair at Meijer's garden shop for $15 ea. that well yet be mine this year...

And then, just as I'm getting all stoked about container gardens and outdoor chair cushions and miniature Pottery Barn-esque porch gardens, I find THIS photo...and want to start alllll over:

Isn't it gorgeous? All that dark flooring...those bright pops of color...that outdoor bed?! I want to LIVE on this patio.  It's from Elle Decor's LookBook this year. And I swooned. Nearly right out of my chair.

Anywho. Planning, in my opinion, is half the fun anyway... so I'll continue doodling my patio designs on napkin backs and along the edges of my notepads. And I'll continue purchasing things one piece at a time, on clearance, because that's how I roll. And perhaps, just perhaps by the time the June Birthdays roll around I'll be ready to host a little birthday party shindig in style.

p.s. When my back patio IS open for will totally completely and absolutely forsure be featuring one or two of THESE beauties I found on etsy.  Awesome.

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