Monday, April 18, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears! Oh My!

Some days you're the witch.

And some days you're the house.

And some days you're just the squinty midget in the corner with a giant fake lollipop that you can't even eat.

I'm not sure which I am today, but it's been a real humdinger, folks.

Fortunately. I had an amazing weekend prior to today.
It didn't go as planned. But sometimes those are the best kind. It was no beach vacation in Orlando with Leeeetle Broooooother (you owe me one! BIG time!)... but I did get to travel quite a bit this weekend. And I got some QT with Mr. Handsome in his hometown of beautiful, snowy Lansing. I got to exercise my trapezius muscles while painting his living room (a badass shade of gray thanyouverymuch). And we found a new TV-series-on-DVD to chill with (that includes partial nudity! wheee!)...which I'm always fond of with that guy.
So... all in all...the good FAR outweighs the bad here.
I've gotta remember that.


  1. has he moved? I feel so out of the loop. miss yo'face.

  2. Aw...punkin. Miss YOU! He has not moved. He always owned the house in MI...he's a native. Just based here in Indy. For Now. Hopefully for a while. I'm selfish like that.


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