Saturday, November 11, 2006

random thoughts on a rainy night

random thoughts on a rainy night
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saturday, november 11, 2006

caveat: this may very well be the most boring blog i've ever posted. sorry in advance!

it's raining out, and i can hear the ping of the raindrops as they slant in to tap on the window behind the computer. the hum of the hard drive is soothing and i'm tempted to go lay in bed on top of the covers and just listen, but i'm awake for the first time all week it seems...i've spent the past few days in a stupor of aches and pains complaints and i've annoyed even myself with it - i just need a good massage and a nap. and, while letting the kids walk on my back and dozing during dora doesn't quite qualify, it may be as close as i'll come for a while now. i wonder where else it's raining right now? oh - and to anyone in any position to do anything about this: the sonic blasts emitted in a four-block radius from the circle...c'mon know the ones...desiged to prevent the starlings from roosting and or pooping all over downtown indy...those sonic blasts? they're a TERRIBLE idea. they kept the munchkins up to ungodly hours b/c some einstein in some board meeting somewhere thought that it was too cruel to poison the poor birds, but scaring the hell out of them and my kids at 9:45 in the evening was perfectly acceptable. grr. isabelle has her very first imaginary friend as of today according to rob (later confirmed by l'enfant herself) She is Julie-Friend and she's red with spots - some tiny tiny dots and some big black ones. Apparantly she enjoys indoor-soccer, as isabelle confirmed she was there wednesday, and she spent the afternoon with the kids playing and such. rob scoffed when i asked him what his imaginary friend's name was...didn't everyone have an imaginary friend? mine was a giant duck. i don't think he hung around very long (imaginary friends tend to wear our their welcome quickly in a household with three other siblings to play with) but i do remember having him... oh... wind's picked up and the rain is pelting in sideways now - cool sheets and a dark room are sounding better every minute. and NONE of you are online right now to talk off i go.

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