Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hiding places...

hiding places...
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wednesday, november 15, 2006

i've found that my coat pockets have become a repository for all sorts of random items lately. Reaching in for my work id in order to return to the building thisafternoon I pulled out no less than nine separate and unique items:

spare change (which really just counts as one item despite there being two quarters, two nickels, a dime and three pennies

the button i've been meaning to replace for two weeks now

one of isabelle's hair ribbons

the joker and an ace of clubs to a curious geroge deck of kids' playing cards

a target coupon for $1 off on my next purchase of Any Two Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers

a guitar pick

a receipt from the credit union

a half eaten pack of m&m's

some pez

now i'm not sure how long the m&m's had been languishing uneaten in my pocket...but let's just say that now there are eight items in my coat pocket and I've as yet suffered no ill effects.

i shudder to think what might be found at the bottom of my purse... and yet, this sadly echoes the state of my affairs in general right now - i seem to have accumulated, over the years, more than my fair share of excess. It's hiding in boxes in the basement alongside christmas decorations. It's hiding in closets behind my winter boots. It's hiding in my sock drawer and my linen closet, in once dust-ridden and empty corners of spare rooms. I'm the first to admit that i'm prone to pack-rattery. I still have old yearbooks from grade school, my very first cabbage patch doll (sally-doll) and the tattered remains of my favorite baby blanket (yellow with those great silky edges) stashed away and carefully labeled in boxes. But at some point you've got to draw the line! And so, it is with the glimmer of hope on the horizon i've planned to start chucking this crap starting immediately. No more saving last year's christmas cards to recycle into this year's dinner placecards... No more setting photos and projects aside to finish later. If i don't have time and space for it now, i won't magically have time and space for it later. I'm starting to feel buried in the remnants of my life, and I need to start making room to live in. I'm purging...I promise...As soon as i can find my way accross the room to get started...
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