Friday, November 17, 2006

cold rainy night activities

cold rainy night activities
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friday, november 17, 2006

best thing to do on a cold rainy night - sans companions over the age of 2, red wine or any logs to build a fire?
fill the bathtub - all the way to the top, so the bubbles hit the soap dish, so the water tries to slosh out when you step in, so there's no room for wind and kick frogs or rubber duckies or any of the acoutrements of parenthood... Soak for extended periods of time, at least until fingers and toes turn pruney, wash your hair in the only shampoo available on the 3rd floor (the kids' Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, which still draws softened images of wrinkled, pink newborn skin to mind), lather, rinse, repeat... Quickly towel dry and throw on pajamas - proceed to second floor and massive antique heat vents in the floor... Lay ceiling-gazing on cushions pulled from the couch so that wet hair is fanned over said intricately detailed vent covers - proceed to dry hair each time heater kicks on with puffs of warm air *sigh*

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