Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Staycation

Sometimes the vacations we take where we don't go anywhere can be just as satisfying as the ones we spend crisping on a beach somewhere.

Okay. No. That was a lie. I'd much rather have been crisping on a beach somewhere last week.


But, as it is, last week was pretty spectacular all the same.
We cleaned &  purged The Munchkins closets, drawers and toy chests (not that they know I've purged their toy chests. So if you guys could not say anything? That'd be spectacular)

We hit the parks and the playlands and the indoor swimming pool.
We hit the zoo and the library and spent very nearly every day sleeping in and grilling out and eating on the back patio.

Wouldn't you? 

Long live the Staycation.

The Monster High Girls certainly approve...


  1. I love the lights on your back fence! Backyards are simply the best invention ever and I hope some day to practically live in mine :-)

    1. Thanks! We pretty much DO live on our back patio in the warmer months... And a couple hanging planters from the dollar store and light strings from the Target clearance aisle certainly spruce things up a bit :)


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